Sydney Computational Design Group

Join me on Wednesday 2 September at the Sydney Computational Design Group where I’ll be talking about semi-automated digital design tools that can test the feasibility of residential projects, including SEPP65 compliance.

Fueled by the recent surge in Chinese investment, Australia is currently undergoing an enormous housing boom. Architects across the nation are inundated with residential projects, particularly multi-dwelling housing. This lecture will look at innovative and novel ways to deal with this crisis through the generation of a semi-automated digital design tool to test the feasibility of projects.

Residential projects are very prescriptive in their constraints. Numerous metrics must be achieved in order to satisfy both planning controls and the client’s commercial interests. Key metrics such as Gross Floor Area, Net Sellable Area and apartment mix ratios are all vital in ensuring a project’s viability. The combination of these parameters culminates in the design’s ‘fitness’. This research presents a methodology by which these values can be sorted, combined and reworked into a single architectural fitness value. It will be argued that through this process, new housing models can emerge which have a higher performance and can be designed in significantly less time.

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