RTC Australasia

Join me in May at the 12th annual RTC Australasia conference where I’ll be presenting a class, ‘Grasshopper to Dynamo: There and back again’.

Attendees will learn how to harness the power of Dynamo, Revit’s visual programming language, to boost interoperability and create a fully integrated BIM model. This class will identify the geometric and technical limitations of importing foreign conceptual masses into Revit and demonstrate how native Revit elements can be created by establishing bi-directional workflows between Rhino and Revit. Finally, we’ll get hands-on and generate our own dynamo scripts by harnessing the power of the Dynamo Package Manager. This class is designed to assist you in joining the open source and open BIM movements. With some fantastic speakers including Marcello Sgambelluri, Konrad Sobon and Chris Price, the conference promises to be one to look forward to.

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