RTC 2016 BIM Awards

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Last Saturday night, the RTC Australasia 2016 conference wrapped up with a gala dinner and the announcement of the BIM awards. I am pleased to announce that BVN was the runner-up in the innovation category for our Carlton Connect Initiative project. The competition was open to all registered delegates and judged by delegates. There were eight awards up for grabs, a winner and runner-up in each of the four categories: Integration, documentation, presentation and innovation.

For the innovation category, applicants were asked to showcase what is possible using today’s tools – not merely wild and woolly building designs, but rather projects and processes that stretch the use of the tools in new directions and explore new ways to achieve desired results. Entries could include work integrating other software, but only where those program results are then brought into Revit to deliver the end product were considered.

Carlton Connect

The Carlton Connect project demonstrates how multiple design software can be used while still achieving an integrated BIM model. Revit was chosen as the primary authoring tool. Preliminary massing studies were done with Grasshopper and Ladybug. This informed the agile façade which was generated using adaptive components with instance parameters to define their ‘openness’.


The ‘structural tubes’, which act as new bracing elements within the existing building, were generated with Grasshopper and Karamba, which provided integrative structural analysis. The results of this analysis were then fed into Galapagos, which is an evolutionary solver to optimise the shape. Dynamo and Flux were then used to complete the round trip by transfer the geometry back into Revit. Dynamo utility scripts were also used to organise the model by renumbering rooms, doors, and sheets, etc. The project demonstrates both technical and computational innovation and is presented in a way that conveys the design intent.


Congratulations to the entire project team for their hard work and dedication in creating something truly innovative.

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