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Recently I had the pleasure to attend the Twelfth Australasian RTC conference, held at the Crowne Plaza in the Hunter Valley from 12 – 14 May 2016. The conference brought together BIM experts from around the world to share knowledge, practical methods and new ideas.


The conferenced opened by a fantastic and inspirational keynote from David Rendall. Author of ‘The Freak Factor’, David entertained the audience, suggesting that the best way to achieve and maintain excellence is to deviate from the norm. (If you are interested in finding out more about David, you can watch his TEDx talk here). His slogan sums up the keynote perfectly:

What makes us weird also makes us wonderful.

What makes us weak also makes us strong.

Next, Autodesk announced the launch of ‘Revit Ideas‘. This is an official forum for the community to submit ideas for the future development of Revit. Let’s hope Autodesk finally listen to what users have to say, unlike the AUGI wish list which seems to still have issues on it from Revit’s inception!

RTC_Revit Ideas_1600x750

Industry talks

From the many speakers presenting, BVN had two representatives, namely Joe Banks and Paul Wintour.

  • Joe Banks presented ‘Collaboration tools and methods comparison’. This talk compared all the tools and methods available right now (29 in total) and then discussed how we could achieve this in the future as technology advances.
RTC_Joe Banks_1600x860
  • Paul Wintour presented ‘Grasshopper to Dynamo: There and back again’. During the class, Paul argued the case for a BIM ecosystem and demonstrated how this could be achieved by creating bi-directional workflows between Rhino and Revit to boost interoperability.
RTC_Paul Wintour_1600x860

Here is a quick look at some of the other highlights from the conference:

  • Chris Price presented ‘Hands-on: Getting the most of Revit 2017’. There are some great new features in Revit 2017, including:
    • Text editor enhancements (finally!);
    • Global parameters;
    • In-place stairs;
    • Reducing duplicate marks;
    • Calculated values in tags (finally!);
    • Per-user Revit link unload;
    • Tangency locks in family editor; and
    • Dynamo integration.
  • Marcello Sgambelluri presented ‘Revit families in motion: How to make your 3D and 2D Revit families move!’ This entertaining class showed how to add inverse kinematics into Revit families. This simple technique of using a circle/arc to constrain a family, instead of an angle parameter, provides a robust framework to host your model geometry, whether it is a bi-fold door or a Star Wars All Terrain Scout Transport (AT-ST)!
  • Erik Birzulis presented ‘Laser scanning: From field to Revit’ which demonstrated a step-by-step process for getting point clouds into Revit via ReCap. The presentation demonstrated the value point clouds and photogrammetry bring to the design process through their resolution and level of detail, which traditional surveys are unable to achieve.

BIM awards

The three-day conference wrapped up with a gala dinner and the announcement of the BIM awards. I am pleased to announce that BVN was the runner-up in the innovation category for our Carlton Connect Initiative project. Overall, the conference was a major success, and I look forward to attending next year’s conference in Adelaide.


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