Sydney Computational Design Group

Join us tomorrow evening at the Sydney Computational Design Group where we have Dr Luke Hespanhol and Dr Yannis Zavoleas presenting.

Dr Luke Hespanhol is a media artist, researcher, lecturer, interaction designer and software developer based in Sydney, Australia. His practice investigates the potential of media art to create engaging experiences that lead to reflection on the relationship between individuals and the immediate environment around them. Luke will present ‘Two Worlds Colliding: When The Digital Turn in Architecture Meets The Architectural Turn in Digital Media’. In this talk,he will discuss the growing convergence of architecture and human-computer interaction through the presentation of his recent research on generative 3D media facades, emerging from a combination of operational settings and based on simulating the spatial arrangement of ‘light cells’. The strategy adopted is innovative for proposing light cells to be designed as building blocks not only for the hybrid media structure but also for its content, with one aspect continuously informing the other. Luke will present the initial design concept for the light cells, the software applications developed for modelling the 3D media facades, and discuss opportunities and challenges related to its utilisation in the fields of architecture and urban interaction design.


Dr Yannis Zavoleas is Senior Lecturer in Architecture at The University of Newcastle Australia and co-founder of Ctrl_Space Lab in Athens. He explores the idea of digital media as extended “tools for thought,” by also combining new technologies with core architectural discourse.  Yannis will present “Dynamic Systems in Architecture”, in which he will trace the evolution of systemic ways of analysis leading to synthesis, as the design process is currently being informed by agent-based simulation techniques testing the behaviour and the shared influences of variable design inputs.


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