BILT 2017

Join me at this year’s BILT ANZ conference (previously RTC Australasia) where I will be presenting three classes:

‘Flux-ilicious: Open-data and cloud computing’

This class will identify some of the interoperability limitations we currently face and introduce Flux as a contender to solve these issues. We will cover how to set up a project and share data across Revit, Excel and Rhino and we’ll also delve into the Flux labs as a means to harness the power of open data and cloud computing.


In context: Working with GIS data sets

Working with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Airborne Laser Scanning (ALS) data can be confusing and difficult. This class will demystify the process of working with these data sets and demonstrate how such data sets can be optimised, cleaned and imported. Using the City of Sydney model as an example, attendees will learn how to:

  • Convert a detailed LiDAR terrain mesh into a simplified surface using Grasshopper;
  • Utilise Rhino to clean up building geometry for importation into Revit and 3D printing software; and
  • Position geometry accurately based on various coordinate systems such as WGS84 and MGA94.

Furthermore, we’ll explore how to enhance the data set by utilising Open Street Map data imported from Elk and Flux’s Site Extractor.


Everyday Dynamo: Practical uses for BIM managers (Lab)

There are many day-to-day laborious tasks that an Architect needs to perform. Whether it is sequentially renumbering doors or rooms, cleaning up the Revit model, or a host of other tasks, this class will demonstrate how to automate these processes so that you can spend more time on what you do best, design. By harnessing the power of the Dynamo Package Manager, the class will illustrate how to extend Revit’s capabilities to maintain your Revit model. We’ll cover how to automate: workset creation, renumbering rooms, renumbering doors, purging unused filters, adjusting a room’s upper limit, controlling a view’s underlay, creating unplaced rooms, and adjusting title block properties to name but a few. The lab recently featured in BILT ANZ Program Highlights.


Registrations for BILT ANZ open soon, and the conference will be held in Adelaide from 25-27 May 2017.

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