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Back in October, I had the pleasure of attending the Autodesk University (AU) Australia 2017 conference in Sydney. Under the theme of ‘The future of making things’, the 2-day conference can be seen as a satellite conference to the main AU event held in Las Vegas. The event opened in true Autodesk fashion with a bit of fanfare.


Next up were the Autodesk executives who presented some of the customer success stories from around the world. Those that have attended AU Las Vegas will be familiar with many of the projects including MX3D’s 3D printed bridge in Amsterdam and Airbus’s generative designed bionic partition. However, there were also some new and inspiring stories including AbilityMate, who digitally fabricate 3D printed ankle-foot orthoses. Central to many of the presentations were the themes of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Generative Design.

Everyday Dynamo: Practical uses for BIM Managers

Day 2 saw a range of talks on the use of Autodesk software in architecture, construction, infrastructure and manufacturing. I had the honour of presenting ‘Everyday Dynamo: Practical uses for BIM Managers’. This was an abbreviated presentation of my BILT lab I gave earlier in the year where I addressed the many laborious tasks that a BIM manager needs to perform on a day-to-day basis. However, unlike the BILT lab, which was 3hrs long, the AU presentation was only 45mins. So I decided to try something a little risky and do a live demonstration using Dynamo Player.

Dynamo Player provides a simple one-click solution to executing Dynamo scripts. The gamble paid off, and we were able to breeze through a range of tasks including: Workset creation; assigning elements to worksetsrenumbering rooms; renumbering doors; purging unused filters; and creating sheets, to name but a few.

Industry talks

Other engaging presentations included Joe Bank’s ‘Productivity tips and tricks for Revit‘ and Dean Burke’s and Scott Au-Yeung’s ‘Building Digitalisation – The complete life cycle’. Unlike many other conferences, including AU Las Vegas, there is no requirement for AU Australia speakers to submit presentation material to delegates. This I see is a missed opportunity to enhance knowledge transfer and something I would encourage the conference organisers to address for future conferences. Despite this, AU Australia provides a great insight into what is happening within AEC technology.

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