BIM ecosystem

Building Information Modelling (BIM) entails interdependencies between technological, process and organisational/cultural aspects. These mutual dependencies have created a BIM ecosystem in which BIM related products form a complex network of interactions.¹ For a long time interoperability between these products has been essentially non-existent, resulting in users unwilling to interchange between different software platforms. Rather than using the best product for the job, users have preferred to remain in the software that they are most familiar with, possibly to the detriment of the design. One such example of this is conceptual massing within… Read More

BVN Dynamo package v1.0.0 released

I am pleased to announce the latest release of the BVN Dynamo package v1.0.0, which is compatible with Revit 2017 and Dynamo 1.0.0. There have been substantial changes with how Dynamo operates and it has been a mission to keep up to ensure that the nodes keep working as intended. Hopefully now as we progress forward we should see more robust performance.   Below is a list of nodes available in the current version, with hyperlinks to tutorials to demonstrate how they can be utilised. Since launching the BVN Dynamo package back… Read More


The ROB|ARCH2016 conference brings together world-leading researchers at the forefront of new robotic technologies and applications. This year’s conference was held in the iconic, industrial Pier 2/3 at Walsh Bay in Sydney from 15th –19th March. Hosted by The Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning from The University of Sydney, and in partnership with RMIT, Monash University, Bond University, UNSW, and UTS, the event comprised of a 3-day workshop and a 2-day conference.     As a major sponsor of the event, BVN contributed by fabricating the conference bags. These were custom printed using… Read More

RTC 2016

Recently I had the pleasure to attend the Twelfth Australasian RTC conference, held at the Crowne Plaza in the Hunter Valley from 12 – 14 May 2016. The conference brought together BIM experts from around the world to share knowledge, practical methods and new ideas. The conferenced opened by a fantastic and inspirational keynotes from David Rendall. Author of ‘The Freak Factor’, David entertained the audience suggesting that the best way to achieve and maintain excellence is to deviate from the norm. (If you are interested in finding out mode about David, you… Read More

RTC BIM Awards

Last Saturday night, the RTC Australasia 2016 conference wrapped up with a Gala dinner and the announcement of the BIM awards. I am pleased to announce that BVN was the runner-up in the innovation category for our Carlton Connect Initiative project. The competition was open to all registered delegates and judged by delegates. There were eight awards up for grabs, a winner and runner-up in each of the four categories: Integration, documentation, presentation and innovation. For the innovation category, applicants were asked to showcase what is possible using today’s tools – not… Read More

Sydney Computational Design Group

Continuing with our list of international guests, we are privileged to have Fabian Scheurer speak at our next Meetup on Friday 1 April. From 2002 until 2006 he studied the use of artificial-life methods in architectural construction as a member of Ludger Hovestadt’s CAAD group at the ETH Zurich and managed to transfer the results to a number of collaborative projects between architects, engineers, and fabrication experts. In 2005 he co-founded designtoproduction as a research group at ETH to explore the connections between digital design and fabrication. At the end of 2006 designtoproduction… Read More

Code to Production

As part of the build up to the RoblArch 2016 conference, BVN were invited to take part as industry representatives in a research elective at The University of Sydney (USYD) called ‘Code to Production’. Code to Production explored the potential of an iterative design process from parametric variations; to analysis and simulation; to digital prototyping and manufacturing. The course had a two-fold agenda: to examine the performance of complex geometries available through sophisticated computational design processes, and to translate the optimised design by digital manufacturing into robotic experimentation and prototyping.   Based upon the development of a series… Read More


Recently, I had the pleasure in attending the annual ACADIA conference from 19-24 October. Hosted by the University of Cincinnati, the conference theme was ‘Computational Ecologies: Design in the Anthropocene‘. The conference comprised of two main parts: a 3-day workshop, and a 3-day conference.   There were 7 workshops offered in total: Open Geo data + Performance (Elcin Ertugrul, Mostapha Sadeghipour Roudsari & Chris Mackey); Bio-Agency (Igor Pantic & Soomeen Hahm); Dynamo: Intro/Analysis/Optimisation (Colin McCrone & Matt Jezyk); Computational BIM in Practice (Konrad Sobon & Nate Holland); Prototyping Experiential Future (Shane Burger… Read More

Sydney Computational Design Group

Next Monday as part of the Sydney Computational Design Group we have two international guests, Matt Jezyk from Autodesk and Nathan King from MASS Design Group. They will be in Sydney for the Rob|Arch conference, of which BVN is a sponsor. Matt works for Autodesk and was one of the original creators of Revit. He is also one of the software developers of Dynamo. So if you have any burning Revit/Dynamo questions, here’s your chance to get them answered! Nathan is doing some cool stuff with robots at Virginia Tech. His work focuses on the… Read More

Sydney Computational Design Group

Wednesday, February 3, 2016 (6:00 PM to 9:00 PM) This month we have 6 speakers! Annisa, Dominique, Tiara, Shanny and Alex are going to blast through their graduation projects from their unsw Arch Comp degrees. That means indoor tracking, sepp 65 visual privacy, briefing tools for court rooms, vr psychology experiments and daylight factor analysis. It’ll be like a pecha kucha, so it’ll be fast and fascinating! Speaker 6 is Ben Doherty. He’s going to talk about open source and how to make it useful for architecture. To sign up, please visit the Meetup page so we… Read More