Recently, I had the pleasure of attending the annual ACADIA conference from 19-24 October. Hosted by the University of Cincinnati, the conference theme was ‘Computational Ecologies: Design in the Anthropocene‘. The conference comprised of two main parts: a 3-day workshop, and a 3-day conference. There were seven workshops offered in total: Open Geo data + Performance (Elcin Ertugrul, Mostapha Sadeghipour Roudsari & Chris Mackey); Bio-Agency (Igor Pantic & Soomeen Hahm); Dynamo: Intro/Analysis/Optimisation (Colin McCrone & Matt Jezyk); Computational BIM in Practice (Konrad Sobon & Nate Holland); Prototyping Experiential Future (Shane Burger &… Read More

Sydney Computational Design Group

Next Monday as part of the Sydney Computational Design Group we have two international guests, Matt Jezyk from Autodesk and Nathan King from MASS Design Group. They will be in Sydney for the Rob|Arch conference, of which BVN is a sponsor. Matt works for Autodesk and was one of the original creators of Revit. He is also one of the software developers of Dynamo. So if you have any burning Revit/Dynamo questions, here’s your chance to get them answered! Nathan is doing some cool stuff with robots at Virginia Tech. His work focuses on the… Read More

Sydney Computational Design Group

Wednesday, February 3, 2016 (6:00 PM to 9:00 PM) This month we have 6 speakers! Annisa, Dominique, Tiara, Shanny and Alex are going to blast through their graduation projects from their UNSW Arch Comp degrees. That means indoor tracking, SEPP 65 visual privacy, briefing tools for courtrooms, VR psychology experiments and daylight factor analysis. It’ll be like a Pecha Kucha, so it’ll be fast and fascinating! Speaker 6 is Ben Doherty. He’s going to talk about open source and how to make it useful for architecture. To sign up, please visit the Meetup page so we can… Read More

2015 in review

Welcome to 2016 everyone – and thanks for making 2015 such a success. Since being launched back in February, ParametricMonkey has received over 6,400 visitors from 109 countries. Most visitors came from Australia with the United States and United Kingdom not far behind. Of the 16,700 views, the two most popular posts were Rhino to Revit workflow (Nov 2014) and Revit Best Practice Tips (June 2015). With now over 30 tutorials and plenty more to come, 2016 promises to be even bigger and better for Parametric Money.

RTC Australasia

Join me in May at the 12th annual RTC Australasia conference where I’ll be presenting a class, ‘Grasshopper to Dynamo: There and back again’. The class will demonstrate bi-directional workflows between Rhino and Revit to boost interoperability and create a fully integrated BIM model.

This is Architecture

BVN have a starring role in a new short film just released by the Australian Institute of Architects (AIA). Filmed in five locations across Australia, ‘This is Architecture’ explores the day-to-day life of architects – from a recent graduate to a principal in a large practice.

Fabricating Futures

Last week I had the pleasure to attend the Fabricating Futures: Robots. Research. Design exhibition at the University of Sydney. The exhibition was run in conjunction with the Sydney Design 2015 festival and showcased research-led projects in architecture, design and fabrication including digitally fabricated models, interactive prototypes and robotic innovations created by students, staff and researchers within the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning.

Sydney Computational Design Group

Join me on Wednesday 2 September at the Sydney Computational Design Group where I’ll be talking about semi-automated digital design tools for multi-residential design

Creative Commons & software

Learn about the Creative Commons licence and why it’s advisable not to use it on open-source software.

BVN Dynamo package

BVN announces its first custom nodes, contributing to the open source Dynamo community.