Align views on sheet

Use the ‘Align Views on Sheet’ Dynamo graph for a consistent graphic layout between sheets.

Room check

Identify rooms in Revit with unplaced or have self-intersecting or multiple boundaries.

Substitute line styles

Substitute an element’s line style for another, before deleting the old line style from the model.

Centre door tags

Modify door tags so that they are located within the swing of the door, for clearer graphic representation.

Seating bowl

Automate a stadium seating bowl using Dynamo and understand the key requirements in the Green Guide.

Views to uppercase

Learn how to do a batch update to Revit views, sheets and schedules to ensure they are all uppercase.

Rotate & swap values

Learn how to use Dynamo to rotate a Revit family and swap the width and length parameter values.

Rename working views

Use Dynamo to automate the process of renaming duplicate Revit views by replacing the “(1)” suffix.

Rename grids

Learn how to automate the sequential renaming process of grids in Revit using Dynamo.

Flux Dashboard

Learn how to connect your Grasshopper scripts to Flux’s Dashboard app to create custom user interfaces.