Sheets from Excel

Learn how to automate the generation of Revit sheets from an Excel spreadsheet using Dynamo.

Elements on worksets

Learn how to automatically assign model elements to their correct Revit workset using Dynamo.

Create & rename worksets

This tutorial will present how to create and rename the default worksets using Dynamo to automate the setup process.

Revit Splines

Discover the limitations of working with splines in Revit and how to overcome them with these workarounds.

Dynamo view analysis

Learn how to create a 2D isovist in Dynamo and embed the results into Revit using filled regions and shared parameters.

Flux Site Extractor

Learn how to extract site context for Grasshopper and Dynamo using Flux’s Site Extractor app.

Min balcony size

Discover how to automate a balcony’s minimum size compliance for SEPP65 with Dynamo.

Diagrid via Flux

Learn how to transfer Revit geometry to Grasshopper, create a diagrid structure and import results back using Flux.

Solar Analysis via Flux

Learn how to produce a detailed SEPP65 solar access compliance check using Ladybug and Flux

Filled region perimeter

Discover how to extract the perimeter of a filled region in Revit using Dynamo and filtered line styles.