Elliptical stair

Learn the limitations of creating an elliptical stair in Revit and how to overcome them using Grasshopper.

Divided surface bug

Understand the limitations of using Revit’s divided surface command on planar trapezoidal surfaces.

Locked links in Revit

Having problems trying to select a Revit link or an AutoCAD underlay? Find the culprit and learn how to fix it.

Revit best practice tips

Forget the hype, learn the fundamentals – 16 tips for best practice modelling in Autodesk Revit.


Hummingbird is a set of Grasshopper components that facilitate the creation of Revit native geometry.

Adaptive components

This tutorial explores how you can translate geometry from Rhino to Revit via Excel using an adaptive component family.

Grids from Excel

Export grids from Grasshopper to Excel and use the ‘Grids.FromExcel’ to generate native Revit grids.

Areas to import instance

Learn how to convert Revit areas (GBA, GFA, etc) into import instances using the ‘Area.ImportInstance’ node in Dynamo.

Room adjust upper limit

Automate the adjustment of a room’s upper limit by using the ‘Room.AdjustUpperLimit’ node in Dynamo.

Rename rooms by area

Discover the ‘Room.RenameByArea’ node to automate the naming of rooms based on its area.