Levels from Excel

This tutorial explores how you can translate levels from Rhino to Revit using Excel and Dynamo.

Create unplaced rooms

Learn how to use Dynamo to automate the creation of unplaced rooms in Revit from an excel spreadsheet.

Titleblock properties

Discover how to update the instance parameters of Revit title block families using Dynamo.

View underlay

Learn how to globally control a view’s underlay parameter so that when printing the view will display as required.

Structural diagrid

This tutorial documents the workflow for creating a diagrid catenoid structure in Grasshopper for conversion into Revit.

Void forms

This tutorial explores the various workflows to create complex void forms within Dynamo and Revit.

Elliptical stair

Learn the limitations of creating an elliptical stair in Revit and how to overcome them using Grasshopper.

Divided surface bug

Understand the limitations of using Revit’s divided surface command on planar trapezoidal surfaces.

Locked links in Revit

Having problems trying to select a Revit link or an AutoCAD underlay? Find the culprit and learn how to fix it.

Revit best practice tips

Forget the hype, learn the fundamentals – 16 tips for best practice modelling in Autodesk Revit.