Rename rooms by groups

Learn about the ‘Room.RenameBy ModelGroup’ Dynamo node which keeps model groups and rooms in sync.

Renumber doors by rooms

Learn how to automate the renumbering of Revit doors based on the room in which it is located using Dynamo.

Dynamo Sun Settings

Learn how to extract Revit’s sun settings with Dynamo so that a solar analysis study can be performed.


Rhynamo is a plug-in that lets you read and write the Rhino 3DM file format within Dynamo.

Revit’s weather settings

Discover which Revit weather station data is being used when environmental analysis are being performed.

Room to import instance

Use the ‘Room.ImportInstance’ node within Dynamo to convert Revit rooms into 3D objects.

Renumber rooms

Learn how to use the ‘RenumberRooms’ custom node in Dynamo to automate the renumbering of Revit rooms.


Learn about the node-based visual programming interface for Autodesk Revit and its benefits.

Rhino to Revit workflow

This is a list of best practice workflows to follow when generating Rhino massing for import into Revit.