Rhino.Inside Revit

Rhino Inside Revit

Learn how to install Rhino.Inside and reference Revit geometry so that you can run Grasshopper scripts within Revit.

Flux Dashboard

Learn how to connect your Grasshopper scripts to Flux’s Dashboard app to create custom user interfaces.

Revit Splines

Discover the limitations of working with splines in Revit and how to overcome them with these workarounds.

Revit’s coordinate systems

Learn about the importance of Revit’s ‘internal’ coordinate system when working with interoperability plug-ins.


Discover Elk and how to generate 3d map info from Open Street Map and Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM) data.

City of Sydney model

Learn about geographic and projected coordinate systems and how to setup up a City of Sydney digital model from AAM.

Flux Site Extractor

Learn how to extract site context for Grasshopper and Dynamo using Flux’s Site Extractor app.

Diagrid via Flux

Learn how to transfer Revit geometry to Grasshopper, create a diagrid structure and import results back using Flux.

Solar Analysis via Flux

Learn how to produce a detailed SEPP65 solar access compliance check using Ladybug and Flux


Discover Flux the new interoperability tool which connects Grasshopper, Dynamo and Excel.