Case Study

Study Revit’s inability to deal with complex geometry and how this can be overcome by integrating Rhino and Grasshopper.

Views from sun

Learn how to generate Dynamo and Grasshopper views from the sun to visually verify the results of a Ladybug ‘heat map’.

Hummingbird columns

Convert your Grasshopper centreline geometry into Revit columns using the Hummingbird plug-in.


Lean about Elefront the Grasshopper plug-in focused on managing model data and interaction with Rhino objects.

Ladybug & Honeybee

Discover Ladybug & Honeybee, the plug-ins for Grasshopper to help create environmentally-conscious designs.


Discover about fractals and L-Systems and how to generate these in Grasshopper using HoopSnake and Rabbit.

Electromagnetic fields

Learn how to generate a 2D and 3D electromagnetic field in grasshopper using the flowL plug-in.

View analysis

Compare the options available in Grasshopper to undertake a view analysis, including using isovists and Ladybug.

Translating NURBS

This is a repost of Nate Miller’s ‘Interoperability geometry’ post from the Proving Ground.

GH hotkeys & shortcuts

Understand the importance of sharing your screen and discover Grasshopper’s shortcuts and hotkeys to speed up your workflow.