Materialised Patterns

Run by Alisa Andrasek, the ‘Materialised Patterns’ (AADRL, 2008) workshop aimed at introducing students to the concepts of computation. Students were asked to develop a small-scaled installation to demonstrate material organisation through generative logic. The research presented was undertaken by Paul Wintour, Ena Lloret, Gary Freedman and Shany Barath.

The project was a process of geometrical analysis, rather than aiming for a functional objective. Through rigorous experimentation, precise pattern systems were discovered that were a direct result of local manipulations. Through this understanding of the pattern as an interconnected network, the potential of such a system to adapt and evolve  emerged.

MaterialisedPatterns6 MaterialisedPatterns7 MaterialisedPatterns8 MaterialisedPatterns9 MaterialisedPatterns10 MaterialisedPatterns11 MaterialisedPatterns12 MaterialisedPatterns13 MaterialisedPatterns14

MaterialisedPatterns2MaterialisedPatterns3MaterialisedPatterns4 MaterialisedPatterns5

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