Parametric Monkey has extensive international experience providing core architectural services at different scales and across a wide variety of typologies. We use our expertise in BIM and computational design to improve the flow of data, information and knowledge. We combine intuition with data-driven design to bring novel and innovative solutions to the design process.


Parametric Monkey has worked on some of the largest airports in the world including Heathrow's 3rd runway expansion, Heathrow Terminal 2 Concourse B, Gatwick Airport Pier 2, and the Suvarnabhumi International Airport Bangkok. We understand the complex geometric nature of these buildings and how to rationalise the design to aid buildability.


We have worked on a variety of galleries, exhibition centres and libraries which are both iconic and novel in their design. We have amassed a deep understanding of how to design venues that establish both a civic identity while creating a memorable space.


From local secondary schools to major universities, we have worked on a variety of educational facilities that inspire thinking, creativity and innovation. We've developed novel workflows to test program requirements and optimise adjacencies quickly.


Parametric Monkey has worked on the schematic design of both the New Acute Hospital Kai Tak in Hong Kong and the Prince of Wales Hospital in Sydney, where we have developed advanced workflows to visualise, plan and assess spatial planning and schedule of accommodations.


Parametric Monkey has worked on award-winning laboratory projects such as the University of Queensland's Undergraduate Chemistry Laboratory, and well as other world-renowned facilities such as the Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge and the King Abdullah Centre for Science & Technology in Saudi Arabia.


When integrated with city-wide design strategies, mixed-use developments are capable of significant urban renewal and regeneration. We have experience working on large, iconic mixed-use projects which address global issues of sustainability and density.


Parametric Monkey has developed a suite of digital design tools to automate the feasibility of residential projects. Coupled with advanced solar access and overshadowing analyses, we are able to generate quickly and efficiently design options which satisfy your brief.


Our analytical tools bring an empirical approach to shopping centre design and aim to maximise the flow of the right people past the right shops. This approach translates to both satisfied shoppers and higher transactions.


Parametric Monkey has developed a suite of digital design tools to automate the generation of seating bowls based on specific parameters such as C-values to test critical metrics such as sightlines and distance from the pitch.


Parametric Monkey has developed a suite of workplace-specific tools to quickly visualise and assess spatial planning, views and circulation paths. Combined with an understanding of innovation, we design workplaces that promote collaboration and knowledge transfer.

Suvarnabhumi International Airport

Architect: HOK International *
Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Golden Bay Eco Resort

Architect: HOK International *
Location: Wujiang, China

Amiens University

Architect: Wil Alsop @ RMJM *
Location: Amiens, France

New Acute Hospital

Architect: BVN *
Location: Kai Tak, Hong Kong

King Abdullah Centre for Science & Technology

Architect: LAVA in partnership with RMJM *
Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Baku Flame Towers

Architect: HOK International *
Location: Baku, Azerbaijan

Emblem Apartments

Architect: BVN *
Location: Sydney, Australia

The Metro Park

Architect: Woods Bagot *
Location: Kunming, China

ANZ Stadium

Architect: BVN *
Location: Sydney, Australia

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