Digital Fabrication

Digital fabrication puts the power of making in the hands of the design profession by closing the gap between digital technologies and the physical construction process. We work with your team to develop design-to-fabrication workflows to enable a faster construction process, minimise resources, and use material-specific design solutions.

Digital Fabrication

Some designs are so intricate or complicated that conventional BIM models just aren't sufficient. Through the use of advanced parametric modelling and automated workflows, Parametric Monkey can provide file-to-factory documentation for digital fabrication.

Robotic Fabrication

Parametric Monkey can work with your subcontractor and/or fabricator to generate custom code directly from the digital fabrication model so that your CNC or robot can manufacture each individual element.

3D Printing

3D printed models are especially useful in analysing and communicating design intent. Parametric Monkey is able to prepare your digital model for rapid prototyping so that designs can be reviewed quickly and iteratively.

  • Digital fabrication

  • Digital fabrication

  • Digital fabrication

  • Robotic fabrication

  • 3D printing

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The ROB|ARCH2016 conference brings together world-leading researchers at the forefront of new robotic technologies and applications. This year’s conference was held in the iconic, industrial Pier 2/3 at Walsh Bay in Sydney from 15th –19th March. Hosted by The Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning from The University of Sydney, and in partnership with RMIT, Monash University, Bond University, UNSW, and UTS, the event comprised of a 3-day workshop and a 2-day conference.     As a major sponsor of the event, BVN contributed by fabricating the conference bags. These were custom printed using… Read More

Code to Production

As part of the build up to the RoblArch 2016 conference, BVN were invited to take part as industry representatives in a research elective at The University of Sydney (USYD) called ‘Code to Production’. Code to Production explored the potential of an iterative design process from parametric variations; to analysis and simulation; to digital prototyping and manufacturing. The course had a two-fold agenda: to examine the performance of complex geometries available through sophisticated computational design processes, and to translate the optimised design by digital manufacturing into robotic experimentation and prototyping.   Based upon the development of a series… Read More

Fabricating Futures

Last week I had the pleasure to attend the Fabricating Futures: Robots. Research. Design exhibition at the University of Sydney. The exhibition was run in conjunction with the Sydney Design 2015 festival and showcased research-led projects in architecture, design and fabrication including digitally fabricated models, interactive prototypes and robotic innovations created by students, staff and researchers within the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning.