Parametric Monkey offers a range of  workshops which are focused on improving the digital literacy of designers. We believe in using the right tool for the right job and we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality and engaging content which can be used in real-world scenarios. We customise our training to the target audience and ensure that the learning atmosphere is always positive and energetic.

Upcoming public workshops

Event Location Venue Date Time
BILT ANZ: Digital Fabrication Melbourne, AU Crown Convention Centre May 23 2019 3:10pm

Why choose us?


Paul Wintour is an internationally recognised teacher, having taught at numerous universities across the world. He has presented at various conferences throughout Australia including RTC, BILT and Autodesk University (AU). In 2017, he was voted the #4 speaker at BILT for his lab, 'Everyday Dynamo'.


Unlike other companies, we don't sub-contract out. With Parametric Monkey, each workshop will be presented by Paul Wintour, so you can be assured of quality and consistency.


Many of the software courses offered by others cover generic 'text book' workflows. As a registered architect with over 10 years of experience, Paul has extensive practical application of advanced workflows and customises learning material based on the specificity of each project.

Dynamo Beginner

This class will introduce students to Revit’s visual programming interface. It is aimed at increasing awareness of the possibilities of visual programming within a BIM environment.

Dynamo installation
Dynamo package manager
Computational logic
User Interface
Data manipulation
Dynamo Player
Basic geometric creation
Duration | 1 day

Dynamo Intermediate

This class is aimed at students who have a basic understanding of Dynamo and who now wish to progress to writing their own advanced automation workflows.

Element type renaming
Solar studies
Views from sun
Model auditing
Duration | 1 day

Grasshopper Beginner

This class will introduce students to Grasshopper, Rhino’s visual programming interface and covers the general principals of computational design.

Grasshopper Installation
Computational logic
User interface
Massing extrusions
List & data trees
Massing floorplates
Areas & tags
Surface panelisation
Duration | 1 day

Grasshopper Intermediate

This class will introduce student’s to third party plug-ins. While not essential, students should ideally have a base knowledge of Grasshopper.

OpenStreetMap context with Elk
Data management with Elefront
Sunlight hours analysis
Radiation analysis
View analysis
Duration | 1 day

Revit Advanced

This course is designed for Revit users familiar with the software who want to take the next step in understanding how Revit models are setup and structured.

Project location
Shared coordinates & parameters
eTransmit & milestoning models
Advanced schedules
Sheet tiling and cross referencing
Parametric family creation
Duration | 1 day

Revit Intermediate

This course is aimed at designers with limited Revit experience who may have learnt the basics but require additional support working within a larger team.

Local/Central file
View creation (plans, sections, elevations, sheets)
Sheet tiling and cross referencing
Sheet revisions
View templates & filters
Scope boxes
Type/Instance parameters
Duration | 1 day

Rhino Beginner

This course is suitable for anyone new, or nearly new to Rhino and focuses on basic conceptual modelling skills using different methodologies.

NURBS introduction
User interface & settings
2D drafting
Linear extrusions
Surface deformation
Surface contouring
Solid modelling
Modelling strategy
Duration | 1 day

Rhino Intermediate

This course is aimed at designers who understand the basics of Rhino but now wish to master advanced modelling concepts.

Loft creation
Sweep 1 rail and 2 rail
Network surfaces
Surface curvature analysis
Convert meshes to polysurfaces
Topography simplification
Shadow studies
Duration | 1 day

Rhino to Revit Interoperability

This course explores the various ways geometry and data can be transferred between Rhino and Revit and the pros and cons of each method.

Best practice Rhino modelling techniques
Polysurfaces vs mesh exports
*SAT export
Rhynamo interoperability
Excel interoperability
Duration | 1 day

Ladybug & Honeybee Intermediate

This course is aimed as Grasshopper users who want to learn and master advanced environmental analyses through the use of the free plug-ins Ladybug & Honeybee.

Sunlight hours (solar access)
Radiation analysis
View analysis
Duration | 1 day

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