Strategy & Training

Technology is changing the nature of practice. In order to stay relevant, AEC professionals must shatter knowledge silos and embrace integrated design solutions. Parametric Monkey works with  companies to develop strategies, processes, structural changes, and skillsets to enable digital design and innovation to flourish.


Customised Tools
Customised digital tools can accelerate your workflow and can provide a competitive advantage over your competitors. We develop automation processes and User Interfaces (UI) in both Grasshopper and Dynamo that are built for your specific needs.

Description: Residential feasibility dashboard and automation in Grasshopper
Software Strategy
There is no one software that will do everything. Design professionals must embrace the software ecosystem and use the best product for the job. However, if left unplanned this can quickly get out of control. We help you develop workflows and strategies that reduce the duplication of modelling work, maintain continuity of data, and facilitate iterative design changes.

Description: IFC interoperability diagram
Continued Professional Development (CPD) is not only fundamental to the digital strategy of a business but also required by most professional architectural bodies such as the AIA. Parametric Monkey provides both CPD lectures and software workshops including Revit, Dynamo, Rhino and Grasshopper. We customise our training to the target audience and ensure that the learning atmosphere is always positive and energetic.

Description: Autodesk University Australia 2017