MetricMonkey enables architects, urban designers and property developers to evaluate the feasibility of designs in real-time via an interactive dashboard. MetricMonkey focuses on augmenting, rather than replacing human capabilities, so that the designer is always in control of the design.



Easy-to-use graphical user interface which doesn't require Grasshopper experience.


Real-time feedback on key metrics and environment analysis ensuring a fluid design iteration process.


Modular development allows additional modules to be added and modified effortlessly.

Optional modules

ADG compliance

This module provides preliminary compliance checking for some of the NSW's Apartment Design Guide (ADG) requirements. While NSW specific, the modules are versatile enough to be used as a general design metric.


Parking requirements vary depending on the local regulations. Contact us to customise this module to suit your needs.

Generative Design

Generative design is an iterative design process that explores numerous permutations of a solution to quickly generate design alternatives. This module will be coming soon. Contact us to customise this module to suit your needs.