Rhino Inside Revit for Dynamo users

Rhino.Inside Revit for Dynamo users

Learn some of the key differences between Dynamo and Rhino.Inside Revit and discover the benefits of migrating certain Dynamo workflows to Rhino.Inside Revit.

Technical debt

Technical debt: Architecture’s ticking time bomb

Technical debt is the term used to describe how shortcuts taken today to hit a deadline means more work tomorrow.

Knowledge elicitation

Knowledge elicitation: Capturing knowledge in the ...

True digital transformation means harnessing technology to do better things, including how knowledge is captured for the digital age.

SEPP65 solar access analysis with Rhino.Inside Revit

SEPP65 solar access analysis with Rhino.Inside Rev...

Learn how to run a detailed solar access analysis in Revit with Rhino.Inside Revit and Ladybug Tools for SEPP65 compliance.


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