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Rethinking the role of the architect

Rethinking the role of an architect

This article argues that the architectural profession must free itself from the dogma and flawed biases of what we think an architect is to save it.

2022 year in review

2022 year in review

Parametric Monkey 2022 year in review and where we are headed to achieve our aim of helping AEC businesses do better things.

Where Good Ideas Come From

Where good ideas come from

This article debunks some of the myths around ideation and discusses how organisations can improve their odds of success.

Finding North

Finding North

Finding North is a tale of how a simple oversight in understanding the orientation of North can have devastating consequences.

Understanding Innovation

Understanding innovation

What do the terms ‘disruption’ and ‘innovation’ really mean? The article presents disruption theory as a framework to sort fact from fiction.

Learning to Learn for Architects

Learning to learn for architects

This article explores some of the research around learning and suggests a framework for architects to learn to learn.

Glossary of computational terminology

An explanation of common terminology used in computational design grouped them into six taxonomies including algorithms and natural systems.

A brief history of computation

A brief history of computation in architectural design over 5 eras: 2D drafting, 3D modelling, BIM, computational design & machine learning.

Putting BIM in perspective

This article explores common misconceptions about BIM adoption and offers an alternative perspective to negotiate these arguments.


BIM ecosystem

Learn how to extend Revit’s conceptual modelling capabilities by combining it with various interoperability plug-ins, to create a BIM ecosystem.


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