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Add Revision to sheets

Add revisions to multiple sheets

A simple Dynamo workflow for adding or removing a revision to multiple sheets simultaneously in Revit 2022 or lower.

Create Internal Elevations with Dynamo

Create internal elevations

Generate elevation markers and corresponding internal elevation views using Dynamo based on rooms and their bounding wall’s orientation.

Sync Room Parameters

Sync room parameters

A Dynamo workflow to synchronise instance-based room parameters, such as apartment number, nested within a Revit model group.

Rhino Inside Revit for Dynamo users

Rhino.Inside Revit for Dynamo users

Learn some of the key differences between Dynamo and Rhino.Inside Revit and discover the benefits of migrating certain Dynamo workflows to Rhino.Inside Revit.

Views from Sun with Rhino.Inside Revit

Views from sun with Rhino.Inside Revit

Learn how to generate views from the sun using Rhino.Inside Revit to visually verify the results of a Ladybug solar access heatmap.

Balcony Area and Depth with Dynamo

Min balcony area and depth

Verify a balcony’s minimum area and depth with Dynamo for compliance with the NSW Apartment Design Guide and SEPP65 requirements.

Renumber Balconies

Renumber balconies

A Dynamo workflow to renumber balconies based on their associated apartment room to assist in documentation and compliance checking.

Marketing Plans on Sheets

Marketing plans on sheets

Automatically place marketing plans onto individual sheets and set the various title block properties with Dynamo.

Create Marketing Plans

Create marketing plans

A workflow to automatically create marketing plans with Dynamo, including cropping and rotating the views.

Create Sheet Sets

Create Sheet Sets

A Dynamo workflow to automatically create Revit sheet sets/ drawing series, based on a pre-created set.

Rename Wall Types

Renaming wall types with Dynamo

A Dynamo workflow to automatically rename Revit wall types based on their layer build-up and function.

Documenting Stairs with Dynamo

Documenting stairs

A Dynamo workflow to document stairs by creating dimensions, number systems, spot elevations, stair run tags & min clearances.

Stair Compliance

Stair compliance

Verify stairs compliance including riser height, going length, risers per stair run & clearance between top rails.

Align Views

Align views on sheet

Use the ‘Align Views on Sheet’ Dynamo graph for a consistent graphic layout between sheets.

Dynamo Room Check

Room check

Identify rooms in Revit which are unplaced or have self-intersecting or multiple boundaries.

Substitute Linestyles

Substitute line styles

Substitute an element’s line style for another, before deleting the old line style from the model.

Centre Door Tags

Centre door tags

Modify door tags so that they are located within the swing of the door, for clearer graphic representation.

Autodesk Insight Analysis

Insight lighting analysis

Explore Autodesk Insight and run various illuminance-based lighting analyses including solar access.

Geo-referencing Revit Models

Geo-referencing Revit models

Learn how to geo-reference your Revit model based on survey or Geographical Information System (GIS) data sets.

Rhino Inside Revit

Rhino.Inside Revit

Learn how to install Rhino.Inside and reference Revit geometry so that you can run Grasshopper scripts within Revit.


Seating bowl

Automate a stadium seating bowl using Dynamo and understand the key requirements in the Green Guide including sightlines and c-values.

Views to uppercase

Learn how to rename views, sheets & schedules with Dynamo, to ensure they are all uppercase.

Rotate & swap values

Learn how to use Dynamo to rotate a Revit family and swap the width and length parameter values.

Rename working views

Use Dynamo to automate the process of renaming duplicated views in Revit for better Project Browser organisation.

Rename grids

Learn how to automate the sequential renaming process of grids in Revit using Dynamo.

Calculate golden mean

Calculate the width and length of a golden mean rectangle in Dynamo given the area as an input.

Sheets from Excel

Learn how to automate the generation of Revit sheets from an Excel spreadsheet using Dynamo.

Assign elements to worksets

Learn how to automatically assign model elements to their correct Revit workset using Dynamo.

Create & rename worksets

This tutorial will present how to create and rename the default worksets using Dynamo to automate the setup process.

Limitations of Revit splines

Discover the limitations of working with splines in Revit and how to overcome them with these workarounds.

Detailing in Revit

A brief introduction into some of the 2D detailing tools at your disposal to embellish your 3D Revit model.

Dynamo view analysis

Learn how to create a 2D isovist view analysis in Dynamo and embed the results into Revit using filled regions and shared parameters.

Revit annotations

Learn about the various types of annotations within Revit including tags, dimensions, keynotes and schedules.

Revit startup guide for beginners

A beginners introduction in how to get started with Revit including CAD underlays, setting up grids & levels, & conceptual modelling.

Revit’s coordinate systems

Discover Revit’s startup location and its importance in establishing a shared coordinate system when working with interoperability plug-ins.

Elk for Grasshopper

Discover Elk and how to generate 3d map info in grasshopper from Open Street Map (OSM) and Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM) data.

City of Sydney model

Learn about geographic and projected coordinate systems and how to setup up a City of Sydney digital model from AAM.

Filled region perimeter

Discover how to extract the perimeter of a filled region in Revit using Dynamo and filtered line styles.

Views from sun

Learn how to generate Dynamo and Grasshopper views from the sun to visually verify the results of a Ladybug ‘heat map’.

Elefront for Grasshopper

Learn about Elefront, the Grasshopper plug-in focused on managing model data in Rhino to create a ‘Soft BIM’ model.

Ladybug & Honeybee

Discover Ladybug & Honeybee, the plug-ins for Grasshopper to help create environmentally-conscious designs.

Fractals & L-Systems

Discover about fractals and L-Systems and how to generate these in Grasshopper using HoopSnake and Rabbit.

Electromagnetic fields

Learn how to generate a 2D and 3D electromagnetic field in grasshopper using the flowL plug-in.

Get unused filters

Use Dynamo to extract all the unused filters in your Revit project so that they can be purged for file maintenance.


Discover eTransmit, the best method for purging and cleaning up a central Revit model so that it can be easily shared.

Titleblock family types

Discover how to automate the substitution of titleblocks located on Revit sheets using Dynamo.

Room centre location

Master how to move Revit rooms and room tags to the centroid of the room using Dynamo.

View analysis

Compare the options available in Grasshopper to undertake a view analysis, including using 2D isovists, 3D isovists and a Ladybug heat map.

Dynamo for Grasshopper users

Download this pdf primer which contains tips and translations to help migrate your Grasshopper skills to Dynamo.

Catenary curves

Learn to create and animate a catenary curve/membrane using Grasshopper and Kangaroo’s live physics engine.

Levels from Excel

This tutorial explores how you can translate levels from Rhino to Revit using Excel and Dynamo.

Create unplaced rooms

Learn how to use Dynamo to automate the creation of unplaced rooms in Revit from an Excel spreadsheet.

Structural analysis

Discover Karamba, the structural analysis plug-in for Grasshopper and how to calculate lateral displacement.

Titleblock properties

Discover how to update the instance parameters of a Revit titleblock families using Dynamo.

View underlay

Learn how to globally control a Revit view’s underlay parameter so that when printing the view will display as required.

Structural diagrid

This tutorial documents the workflow for creating a diagrid catenoid structure in Grasshopper for translation into Revit.

Void forms

This tutorial explores the various workflows and limitation in creating complex void forms within Dynamo and Revit.

Elliptical stair

Learn the limitations of creating an elliptical stair in Revit and how to overcome them using Grasshopper.

Revit’s divided surface bug

Understand the limitations of using Revit’s divided surface command on planar trapezoidal surfaces.

Locked links in Revit

Having problems trying to select a Revit link or an AutoCAD underlay? Find the culprit and learn how to fix it.

Revit best practice tips

Forget the hype, learn the fundamentals – 16 tips for best practice modelling in Autodesk Revit.

Adaptive components from Excel

This tutorial explores how you can translate geometry from Rhino to Revit via Excel using an adaptive component family.

Grids from Excel

Export grids from Grasshopper to Excel and use the ‘Grids.FromExcel’ node to generate native Revit grids.

Areas to import instance

Learn how to convert Revit areas (GBA, GFA, etc) into import instances using the ‘Area.ImportInstance’ node in Dynamo.

Dynamo Room Upper Limit

Room adjust upper limit

Automate the adjustment of a room’s upper limit by using the ‘Room.AdjustUpperLimit’ node in Dynamo.

Dynamo Rename Room By Area

Rename rooms by area

Discover the ‘Room.RenameByArea’ node to automate the naming of rooms based on its area.

Rename rooms by groups

Learn about the ‘Room.RenameByModelGroup’ Dynamo node which keeps model groups and rooms in sync.


Renumber doors by rooms

Learn how to automate the renumbering of Revit doors based on the room in which it is located using Dynamo.

Dynamo Sun Settings

Learn how to extract Revit’s sun settings with Dynamo so that a solar analysis study can be performed.


Rhynamo is a Dynamo package that lets you read and write the Rhino 3DM file format within Dynamo.

Revit’s weather settings

Discover which Revit weather station data is being used when environmental analysis are being performed.

Dynamo Room to Import Instance

Room to import instance

Use the ‘Room.ImportInstance’ node within Dynamo to convert Revit rooms into 3D objects.

Renumber Rooms with Dynamo
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Renumber rooms

Learn how to use the ‘RenumberRooms’ custom node in Dynamo to automate the sequential renumbering of Revit rooms.

What is Dynamo?

Learn about the visual programming interface for Autodesk Revit, Dynamo, and its benefits over ofther softwasre such as Grasshopper.


Rhino to Revit workflow

This is a list of best practice workflows to follow when generating Rhino massing for import into Revit.

Why use Rhino?

Understand the benefits of using Rhino over other software including SketchUp and Revit.


Learn about Grasshopper, the graphical algorithm editor tightly integrated with Rhino’s 3-D modelling tools.


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