Rename rooms by area

Sometimes when working on projects, particularly multi-residential or retail projects, the planning layout emerges organically. Rooms and corridors are first created based on building-wide constraints such as, geometric massing, location of cores, maximum depth of rooms, etc. The resulting areas are then calculated by placing Revit rooms. As the project evolves, these rooms are refined to satisfy the detail brief requirements. However, in order to do this, a comparison needs to be established between what is drawn and the brief. While it is possible to go through and manually rename every room to generate schedule and facilitate this comparison, we can automate the procedure.


The ‘Room.RenameByArea’ node found within the BVN Dynamo package is an example of how this can be done. This particular node was developed for multi-residential projects where there is a very clear understanding of how much area is required for an apartment. The node collects all rooms in the Revit project via the ‘Lunchbox Room Element Collector’ node. Thresholds are then established based on apartment type. For example:

  • Studios <50m2
  • 1 Bed 50m2 – 69m2
  • 2 Bed 70m2 – 99m2
  • 3 Bed >100m2

The node then renames the rooms based on the current area. If you require more or less rooms, or if they need to be renamed differently, the node can be easily modified by going into the custom node itself.Revit_RoomArea2

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