Digital Fabrication

Digital fabrication puts the power of making in the hands of the design profession by closing the gap between digital technologies and the physical construction process. We work with your team to develop design-to-fabrication workflows to enable a faster construction process, minimise resources, and use material-specific design solutions.
Digital Fabrication

Digital fabrication

Some designs are so intricate or complicated that conventional BIM models aren't sufficient. Through the use of advanced parametric modelling and automated workflows, Parametric Monkey can provide file-to-factory documentation for digital fabrication.

Robotic Fabrication

Robotic fabrication

Parametric Monkey can work with your subcontractor and fabricator to generate custom code directly from the digital fabrication model so that your CNC machine or robot can manufacture each element.

Design for Manufacture & Assembly (DfMA)

Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) is a Modern Method of Construction (MMC) concept based on a holistic understanding of the production process, including fabrication, shipment, and assembly. DfMA takes Virtual Design & Construction (VDC) to a new level by embracing prefabrication and modular construction technologies. By integrating our computational design and digital fabrication expertise, Parametric Monkey can automate your DfMA logic.

LOD400 Fabrication Models

Level of Development (LOD) is a concept used to describe a BIM model’s level of detail and accuracy. LOD400 models are often required as part of a project’s BIM deliverable and accurately show the element’s quantity, size, shape, location, and orientation. Parametric Monkey can generate your LOD400 fabrication models so that you can go direct from file to factory.

UTS Central

A case study demonstrating the parametric modelling and digital fabrication used on UTS Central, Sydney.

* Denotes work completed by Paul Wintour at this office


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