A collection of research papers and workshops undertaken at various conferences across the world.
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AIA BIM and Beyond

AIA 2021 | BIM and Beyond

‘BIM and Beyond: Design Technology in Architecture’ examines the usage of design technology in Australian architecture practices.

Residential Taxonomy

ACADIA 2015 | Architectural Fitness

This paper looks at innovative and novel ways to deal with the house crisis through the generation of a semi-automated digital design tools.

Robotic Sewing

ROB|ARCH 2016 | Robotic Sewing

This workshop investigated the architectural potentials of robotic sewing of bespoke timber veneer laminates in combination with elastic bending.

Code To Production

USYD 2015 | Code to production

Code to Production explored the potential of an iterative design process from parametric variations to digital prototyping and manufacturing.

Caesars Palace 1966

HKU 2012 | The Strip Las Vegas

Documenting the evolution of change of the strip’s casinos for ‘The Strip: Las Vegas and the Architecture of the American Dream’.


AADRL 2008 | Materialised Patterns

This workshop introducing students to the concepts of computation and generative logic through the development of a small-scale installation.

Digitally fabricated housing for New Orleans

Prototyping Architecture

This essay aims to address the neglect of material computation by proposing that materials can be an active participant in the genesis of form.


Post Diagramming

This paper addresses the role of the diagram in the age of parametric design to recognise the paradigm shift in its representation.

The Big Bang

The Big Bang of Architectural Evolution

This essay proposes that by modifying genetic algorithms to encompass Hox logic, architecture can progress into a period of ‘post-Cambrian’ architectural diversity.


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