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AIA 2021 | BIM and Beyond

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Co-authored by Parametric Monkey, ‘BIM and Beyond: Design Technology in Architecture’ is a report commissioned by the Australian Institute of Architects (AIA) to help examine the usage of design technology in Australian architecture practices. The report identified several key findings in how organisations are embracing digital technology:

  • Design Technology has a seat at the decision-making table with representation in the leadership team of 64% of responding practices.
  • Over half of responding practices are purchasing and developing design automation tools.
  • BIM adoption in Australia is mature, and organisations not actively using BIM are behind the productivity frontier.
BIM adoption
Use of BIM on projects in Australia
  • 77% of respondents believe that BIM improves the coordination of construction documentation.
  • 82% believe BIM will be used on the majority of projects in 5 years, with 55% of these respondents believing it will be used on all projects (in 5 years).
  • 9% of respondents are currently selling services that use their AI capability. 30% of respondents have yet to sell services but are seeking fees in this area in the near or immediate future.
  • Architectural firms should embrace the potential of emerging technologies by deeply entwining them into their business models.

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