Areas to import instance

Recently I was asked if it was possible to convert areas (GBA, GFA, etc.) into masses using Dynamo. The Revit API doesn’t allow in-place masses, so the only way to do this is to use an import instance which has limited functionality. To do this, first ensure you have some areas (not rooms) in your Revit project.


In Dynamo, you will need to download the BVN package and use the ‘Area.ImportInstance‘ node. In Revit, only ‘Spaces’ have a volume (assuming the ‘area and volume’ option is selected under area and volume computations). If we want to use ‘Areas’ (GFA, GBA, etc.), then these are by default 2D. The Area.ImportInstance node utilises the ‘LunchBox Level Element Collector’ node to extract all the levels in the project and extrudes the polycurve to the level above.

Please note that the custom node is currently set to use millimetres, so if you are using another unit, you’ll have to adjust.


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