Add Revision to sheets

Add revisions to multiple sheets

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Since the release of Revit 2023.1 in November 2022, the ‘Revisions on Sheet’ edit button remains available when selecting multiple sheets. This enables the user to shift-select multiple sheets in the Project Browser and add a revision sequence. However, adding a revision to multiple sheets remains problematic for users using Revit 2022 or lower. There are, of course, third-party plug-ins that can assist. However, the workflow below shows how to achieve it with Dynamo.

Add revision to multiple sheets
Add revision to multiple sheets in Revit 2024

Adding revisions to multiple sheets with Dynamo

The example uses Revit 2022 and Dynamo 2.12, as if you are using a later version, the workflow can be achieved with out-of-the-box functionality. The first step is to create a revision sequence. This step can be performed with Dynamo, but since it offers no real advantage, it’s best to do this manually by going to View > Sheet Composition > Revisions > Add.

Add revision sequence
Add revision sequence, Revit 2022

Next, we can create a Dynamo graph as follows. The ‘Collector.CurrentSelection’ node from Spring Nodes will enable you to shift-select sheets from the Project Browser. Once these are collected, we can get the element’s category and filter out any element which isn’t a sheet in case the user accidentally selects other views. Lastly, we can use Archi-lab’s ‘Add Revisions to Sheet’ node. Before running the graph, ensure that you have shift-selected the necessary sheets in the Project Browser and press Play, either in Dynamo or Dynamo Player.

Adding revisions to multiple sheets with Dynamo
Adding revisions to multiple sheets with Dynamo

Removing revisions from multiple sheets using Dynamo

If you make a mistake and cannot use Undo in Revit, you may need to remove revisions from multiple sheets. This can be achieved with Archi’lab’s ‘Remove Revision from Sheet’ node. By simply combining it with a Boolean toggle (and a ‘Not’ node), you can use the same graph to add or remove revisions.


As more and more projects migrate to Revit 2023 and Revit 2024, this workflow will slowly become obsolete and replaced with out-of-the-box functionality. Until then, the above workflow offers a quick and easy solution to adding or removing revisions to multiple sheets.

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