Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a process for creating and managing all of the information on a project – before, during and after construction. As more and more countries begin to mandate BIM, it is essential for practices to adopt BIM in order to remain competitive. Parametric Monkey can aid you along your BIM journey whether you are just staring out or want to take your processes to the next level.

BIM management

BIM is a collective process that requires cohesion and alignment amongst all stakeholders. We work with your team to help achieve these goals by developing your BIM Execution Plan (BEP), running coordination meetings, undertaking clash detection and producing coordination reports.

BIM modelling

Certain building typologies are inherently more geometrically complex than others. Parametric Monkey has extensive experience in parametrically modelling precise geometry whatever the geometric complexity. We work with your team to ensure your 3D model captures the design intent and is accurate based on the level of detail required.

BIM analytics

Sometimes BIM models can appear opaque to management not familiar with the software. Parametric Monkey uses a number of different tools to mine data which can be visualised in order to gain a clear insight into the health, quality and performance of the BIM model. These visualisation enables you to turn raw data into insight and can flag certain undesirable workflows before they get out of control.

Facilities management

Working with the building operator at the early stages of design, we can include and maintain data necessary for use in Facilities Management (FM) or asset tracking during the building’s operation.