Dynamo Sun Settings

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Before undertaking any solar analysis studies in Dynamo, it is important to ensure the sun settings are correct. The BVN Dynamo package, which can be downloaded via the Dynamo Package Manager, has several custom nodes to help this workflow.

Time Zone

The ‘SunSettings.TimeZone‘ node will extract the current time zone in hours relative to UTC. The time zone is automatically set in Revit when defining the location of the project (Manage > Project Location > Location). For example, the Australia Eastern Standard Time (AEST) used in Sydney, Australia is UTC + 10:00 hours.


Date/time and sun vectors

The ‘SunSettings.GetTimesAndSunDirections‘ node will get the date/time and sun direction from the current view. If the view’s sun settings are not set to a still solar study, that is, a single or multi-day study with intervals, a list of time and vectors will be returned. These lists are useful for solar studies where a specific period applies.

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