Discover Flux the new interoperability tool which connects Grasshopper, Dynamo and Excel.

Views from sun

Learn how to generate Dynamo and Grasshopper views from the sun to visually verify the results of a Ladybug ‘heat map’.

Get unused filters

Use Dynamo to extract all the unused filters in your Revit project so that they can be purged for file maintenance.

Titleblock family types

Discover how to automate the substitution of titleblocks located on Revit sheets using Dynamo.

Room centre location

Master how to move Revit room and Room tags to the centroid of the room using Dynamo.

Dynamo for GH users

Download this pdf primer which contains tips and translations to help migrate your Grasshopper skills to Dynamo.

SEPP65 solar analysis pt2

Extract Revit rooms for a detailed SEPP65 solar access compliance analysis in Ladybug and push results back into Revit.

Levels from Excel

This tutorial explores how you can translate levels from Rhino to Revit using Excel and Dynamo.

Create unplaced rooms

Learn how to use Dynamo to automate the creation of unplaced rooms in Revit from an excel spreadsheet.

Titleblock properties

Discover how to update the instance parameters of Revit title block families using Dynamo.