SEPP65 solar analysis pt2

Extract Revit rooms for a detailed SEPP65 solar access compliance analysis in Ladybug and push results back into Revit.

Catenary curves

Learn to create and animate a catenary curve/membrane using Grasshopper and Kangaroo’s live physics engine.

Levels from Excel

This tutorial explores how you can translate levels from Rhino to Revit using Excel and Dynamo.

Structural analysis

Discover Karamba, the structural analysis plug-in for Grasshopper and how to calculate lateral displacement.

SEPP65 solar analysis pt1

Learn how to undertake a SEPP65 solar compliance analysis for residential projects using Grasshopper and Ladybug.

Structural diagrid

This tutorial documents the workflow for creating a diagrid catenoid structure in Grasshopper for conversion into Revit.

Elliptical stair

Learn the limitations of creating an elliptical stair in Revit and how to overcome them using Grasshopper.


Hummingbird is a set of Grasshopper components that facilitate the creation of Revit native geometry.

Adaptive components

This tutorial explores how you can translate geometry from Rhino to Revit via Excel using an adaptive component family.

Grids from Excel

Export grids from Grasshopper to Excel and use the ‘Grids.FromExcel’ to generate native Revit grids.