The integration between Rhino and Revit has proven to be a challenge for many design projects looking to combine freeform geometry with BIM. Traditionally we have had to rely on Grasshopper plug-ins such as Geometry Gym, Chameleon, Hummingbird and Grevit to get geometry out of Rhino and into Revit. This methodology was extremely limiting and very frustrating.

Luckily for us, Nate Miller from CASE developed Rhynamo. With the growing popularity of Dynamo, he saw an opportunity to introduce new workflows that would allow users to exchange geometry and data between Rhino and Revit easily. With Rhynamo, designers can connect Rhino files into their Dynamo definitions to develop geometry and control Revit BIM elements. The tool also allows designers to create bidirectional workflows and author Rhino files from Dynamo. The best thing about Rhynamo is that it is open-source. Rhynamo has and will continue to open up, a lot of interoperability potential between Rhino, Grasshopper, Dynamo, and Revit.

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